Who we are

At the crossroads of education, psychology, and technology, you will find the TCS Ed Tech team.  We provide virtual support for faculty and course developers who are looking to enhance their design and content through technology.  We aim to help professors leverage technology platforms and resources in a way that will better engage their students and facilitate effective teaching and learning in the classroom.  

We attempt to reach our audience through webinars, workshops, online tutorials, direct consultation, and through social media.

Click on our names to get to know us better:

Dr Sean Nufer, Director

As the Director of Educational Technology for TCS Education System, Sean works collaboratively with the Instructional Design team to ensure utilization of state-of-the-art resources in the classroom, assessing organizational eLearning needs and working to develop and implement policies and procedures for utilizing educational technology by identifying and coordinating the design, execution, implementation, and evaluation of various online and virtual educational activities (including webinars, instructor-led courses, virtual conferences and online courses) within the TCS Education System affiliates.

Thad Stott, Instructional Technologist

Thad assists affiliate institutions of TCS Education System in addressing inherent obstacles commonly found in distance learning environments through the utilization of technology and implementation of multimedia to facilitate an increase in student engagement, enhance learning environments, and improve course quality – thus advancing the instructional and technological integrity of course offerings at TCSES affiliate institutions.