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Introducing Canvas Commons

The department of instructional technology is excited to introduce a new feature to our online learning platform: Canvas Commons! 

Have you ever wanted to shorten the time it takes to re-design your courses? Ever wished you could engage in course design collaboration within your department? Canvas Commons is a platform within Canvas that will allow us to share, discover, and reuse learning activities. Users can use Commons to build course content from existing sharable resources, meaning you don't have to build course content or lesson materials from scratch. Users can use Canvas Commons to search for meaningful materials and import them into their courses. 

Canvas Commons users can also share their materials with other professors - either within their own department, our own institution, or with the entire Canvas community. Professors can establish themselves as content authorities or subject matter experts by sharing their work with a community that recognizes its value. 

For a very quick overview of what Commons has to offer, see: 

Join our webinar for a quick overview of the new Canvas Commons platform. Learn how to share and import common activities, assignments, quizzes, modules, and even entire courses! 

Canvas Commons will allow us to join a community of creators, looking to build and share amazing content.

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