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Strategies for Faculty to Create Awesome Online Videos

In this webinar, participants will be introduced to tools, resources, and techniques for creating engaging online multimedia interactions. 

Video interactions in education are often flaunted as an innovative and effective way to disseminate information in an online educational platform. Videos can be effective for blended, fully online, and traditional courses. However, instructional and informational videos can also be difficult or intimidating to create, impersonal, and faculty and students of mixed levels of technological acumen often converge in the classroom having strong preferences for certain devices and operating systems. 

Despite the challenges, when created effectively, video can add depth and dimension to online courses, effectively enhance traditional and blended courses, and can augment the overall learning and teaching experience. For many higher education institutions, video announcements have become a baseline expectation of their faculty. Video has been found to be an effective way to engage students as they interact with professors, other students, and the subject matter content. 

In this webinar we will discuss unique tools and approaches that can meet peoples’ expectations and engage students. This workshop will benefit professors who desire to create engaging content and develop course modules that utilize effective multimedia tools. We will discuss types of educational videos (i.e. webcams, screencast, animations, video editing, etc.), options for software and platforms, logistics (e.g. presentation, scripts, lighting, etc.), and general tips and techniques. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify tools for creating interactive videos 
  • Showcase examples of educational video platforms that are free, cheap, and/or native to the Canvas LMS environment 
  • Share tips, techniques, and best practices for creating videos 

Presenter Bio: 
Sean Nufer is the TCSES Director of Instructional Technology