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Strengthen Your Microsoft Word Core

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Do you want optimal results - and quick? This webinar will be a 60-minute workout for your Microsoft Word muscles. We will begin our high interval training reviewing essential formatting knowledge before taking it up a notch and isolating the intermediate features, finishing with a transformative power sculpting of advances techniques. 

For many of us, we have been using computer word processor platforms since the 90’s. And many of us continue to use word processor platforms like it’s still the 90’s. Come of age in this webinar and sharpen your skills. 

We will discuss some of the less common formatting features that are hiding right in plain sight, as well as many of the more esoteric options available to us. In addition to essential formatting, we will also cover tables, templates, styles, themes, format standards and customizations, keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and many more useful skills and features. Regardless of where you are on a scale of “I only added a comma and now my picture is gone!” to “I could probably teach a course on track changes and comparing documents”, this webinar will be valuable. 

Learning Objectives: 
1. Explore essential and intermediate formatting elements
2. Search add-ons and tools that are available
3. Familiarize yourself with common keyboard and mouse shortcuts
4. Discover the advanced functions of Microsoft Word

Presenter Bio: 
Dr Sean Nufer is the Director of Educational Technology for TCS Education System.